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Saga prefecture in the Northwest of Kyushu Island is famous for its beautiful nature. We introduce four cities and their attractions that appear in the popular Anime “Zombie Land Saga”.

Enjoying Saga’s exquisite teas TEA TOURISM IN URESHINO

The city of Ureshino offers its visitors a memorable experience, entirely redefining the pleasure of tea.

Walking on Saga’s nature trails THE QUAINT WORLD OF KYUSHU OLLE

Saga prefecture is one of Japan’s secret treasures. Mostly famous for chinaware and ceramics, Saga offers breathtaking nature and relaxing hot springs.

Kinosaki Onsen: An entire town that feels like its own ‘hot spring’ resort

Nishimuraya Honkan: an inn the heart of which beats with the hospitality of an old and great Japan. To reach Kansai’s famous hot spring ‘Kinosaki onsen’ takes around 2 and a half hours by train from Kyoto or 3 hours from Osaka. Hot…

The craggy peaks and ancient forests of Yakushima, and a side trip to Tanegashima

Yakushima Island, a compact, roughly circular island south of Kyushu, is an intensive, immersive nature experience. It is one of the first two UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites in Japan inscribed in 1993, and for good reason. The island is populated with…

Unforgettable Experience: Staying at a Ryokan

There are more than 50.000 ryokan in Japan, one of them is the Iya Onsen Hotel located in Shikoku. I got the chance to stay there for two nights and I would like to share my fantastic experience with you!   What…

Things to do in Kochi, Shikoku

It was not enough days to enjoy Kochi this time! 1.Visiting one of only 12 remaining Japanese castles Kochi city is the capital of Kochi prefecture which is located in Shikoku Island, facing the Pacific Ocean. We had an opportunity to visit…

The porcelain produced in Arita (Arita ware)

Japanese porcelain was first produced in the early 17th century in Arita, Saga prefecture located in the northern part of Kyushu. When Hideyoshi Toyotomi the ruler of Japan at that time, sent his army to invade Korea in the end of the…

New Year’s event in Japan – Tamaseseri

The one of the New Year’s event, ‘Tamaseseri’ took place at Hakozaki Shrine today, the 3rd January.     As it is good weather, lots of visitors are queuing to pray, at least 30 mins. waiting! The two sacred wooden balls displayed…

February Kabuki at Hakata-za(Theatre) in Fukuoka !

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese Theatre play from the Edo Period(1603-1867) and recognized as one of Japan’s three major classical theaters and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage along with ‘noh’ and ‘bunraku’.   In Fukuoka, Kabuki performance is held only 2 times a…

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