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February Kabuki at Hakata-za(Theatre) in Fukuoka !


Kabuki is a traditional Japanese Theatre play from the Edo Period(1603-1867) and recognized as one of Japan’s three major classical theaters and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage along with ‘noh’ and ‘bunraku’.




In Fukuoka, Kabuki performance is held only 2 times a year, February and June and the program this time is very interesting one, [Date no Juyaku] ! In this program, one leading actor, Somegoro Ichikawa the 7th will play 10 roles, males and females, bad guys and good guys(ladies) !!


How does he do that ? Let me see,,,

Unfortunately photos and video shooting is not allowed during a performance, so I can’t show how they were, but believe me, it was incredible and amazing indeed!
In fact, I could not work out how he change one role to the other in seconds ! It was bit like Kabuki with a magic!



Author: Kiki

Kiki loves travelling and discovering new cultures and exotic places!! Whenever she has time to take a break from her busy life at her hometown of choice - Paris - she tries to find a new adventure. She has been in almost every Asian country, but Japan remains her number one travel destination. It wouldn't be a suprise if she has spent more time in ryokan and onsen than every Japanese person alive and one of her goals is to hike across the country in order not to miss out on any beautiful spot Japans nature has to offer.

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