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You can build your perfect itinerary based on your interests, pace and budgets, with the help of our dedicated team of Japan specialists. Whether you’re looking for a fully guided tour or a more spontaneous self-guided experience our experts will do their best to help you create the most memorable and outstanding experience in Japan. We can also offer optional day tours and trips to enhance your itinerary and help you to find your bearings in such a unique and intriguing country such as Japan.

All our Japan specialists have travelled extensively or lived in Japan, meaning you’ll receive honest and knowledgeable advice. Our example tour itineraries will hopefully inspire you to begin planning your own trip to Japan and we’d love to help you each and every step of the way.

Tailor made Japan Tours

Our expert agents can help to create the perfect personalised Japan tour for you. With thorough knowledge and close connections to Japan, our team will work to tailor-make an itinerary that ensures your trip is an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s your first time to visit or your third or fourth, if you’re looking for luxury or budget holidays, we can help to make those all important decisions regarding your trip – Where to visit? How long to stay? What day trips are best? We have several years’ experience in co-ordinating a wide variety of tailor-made Japan tours for all kinds of solo / group travellers. You can trust our Japan specialists to carefully consider all aspects of your trip and build your ideal itinerary based on your interests, pace and budget. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a number of sample itineraries for you to look at.

Guided Tours in Japan

Enjoy discovering and exploring all over Japan on one of our many fully-guided package tours. You can visit new and exciting places with a well-planned out itinerary and the assistance of a very knowledgeable guide. Guided tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and learn more about the wonderful sights and experiences to be had in Japan. We have many types of Japan tours in plenty of locations and for a variety of lengths so you’re sure to find something that suits you!

Optional Tours – Day trips in Japan

If you’d like to add something extra-special to your trip we highly recommend booking optional tours! Discover some of Japan's iconic and most famous highlights on a full-day guided Japan tour or even just for an afternoon or morning. Popular locations include (but are not limited to): Mt.Fuji & Hakone, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, Nikko, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Our optional Japan day trips and Japan tours will easily fit in to any itinerary, helping you to make your trip even more exciting and memorable.

Seasonal Tours and Activities in Japan

Experience the best of each season in Japan with Japan Travel Centre’s seasonal offers. A country famous for its distinct and uniquely beautiful seasons, Japan has so much to offer all year round. From the spectacular Cherry Blossom of Spring, to the magical festivals in Summer, the magnificent Autumn leaf colours to the enchanting winter snow scenes of snowfall in Winter.
Learn more about Japan Seasonal Tours here!

30 useful Japanese Phrases for Travelers

  • – Hello. = Konnichiwa. (kon-nee-chee-WAH)
  • – How are you? = O-genki desu ka? (oh-GEN-kee dess-KAH?)
  • – Fine, thank you.= Genki desu. (GEN-kee dess)
  • – What is your name? = O-namae wa nan desu ka??(oh-NAH-mah-eh wah NAHN dess-KAH?)
  • – My name is ____ . = Watashi no namae wa ____ desu. (wah-TAH-shee no nah-mah-eh wa ____ dess)
  • – Nice to meet you. = Hajimemashite. (hah-jee-meh-MOSH-teh)
  • – Please. (request) = Dozo. (DOH-zo)
  • – Thank you. = Arigatou. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh)
  • – You're welcome. = Dou itashi mashite. (doh EE-tah-shee mosh-teh)
  • – Good morning = Ohayou gozaimasu (o-HAI-yo go-zai-MASS)
  • – Good afternoon = Konnichiwa (kon-nee-chee-WAH)
  • – Good evening = Konbanwa (Kon-ban-WAH)
  • – Good bye = Sayounara (Sai-YO-nah-rah)
  • – Thank you very much = Dōmo arigatō[gozaimashita]. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh [go-zai-mash-tah] )
  • – I am from the UK = Watashi wa Igirisu-jin desu. (Watashi WA ee-gi-ree-su-jin dess)
  • – How Much is this? = Kore wa ikura desuka? (Koh-ray WA Ih-koo-rah dess KAH?)
  • – This one, please = Kore o kudasai. (Koh-ray o Koo-dah-sai)
  • – Expensive / Cheap = Takai / Yasui (Tak-AY/ yass-WEE)
  • – Beautiful = Utsukushī (OO-tsu-kush-EE)
  • – Can I have the menu? = Menu wa arimasuka? (Menu WA ah-ree-mass-KAH?)
  • – I am hungry = Onaka ga sukimashita (Oh-nah-kah GA soo-KEE-mash-tah).
  • – What is this? = Kore wa nan desu ka? (Ko-ray wa nan dess KAH?)
  • – Can I have a beer = Bi-ru o kudasai (Bee-RU oh koo-dah-sai).
Ask something
  • – Excuse me = Sumimasen (suh-MEE-mah-sen)
  • – I am hungry = Onaka ga sukimashita (Oh-nah-kah GA soo-KEE-mash-tah).
  • – Where is....? = ....Doko desu ka? (doh-koh dess KAH?)
  • – Where is the toilet? = Toilet wa doko desu ka? Toy-ray WA doh-koh dess KAH?)

Japan Tours FAQ

When is the best time to make reservations?
Guided Group Tours and Daily Tours have limited places, especially seasonal tours, so it is best to make a reservation once you have decided on the date. Tour schedules for the following year are usually released around October time of the current year. For tailor-made/self-guided tour, please contact us about 11 months prior to your planned departure date. Although most hotels and accommodations or transportation do not take early bookings, we will do our best to get confirmation where possible.
I don’t speak or understand any Japanese. Will it be difficult to travel or tour on my own?
Most of the tours come with English-speaking guide and with English audio (and other languages). Whenever available, we will always recommend tours that will suit your language preference.
In large cities, signs and directions are also displayed in English.
If you need assistance, Visitors’ Centre can also be found at major train station and staffs are more than happy to help.
I found the price in Japanese yen for the same tour in other website.
Which exchange rate do you use to convert to British pound?
We set our own exchange rate which is updated regularly in relation to the prevailing currency rate.
What is your cancellation policy and when it will be applicable?
In general, our cancellation policy is as below and it is applicable after the deposit payment is received.
There are some exceptions and we will advise you if a different cancellation policy applies to your reservation.

*22 days prior to departure date: 20% of the total charge (= Deposit)
*21 -10 days prior to departure date: 50% of the total charge
*9-4 days prior to departure date: 80% of the total charge
*From 3 working days prior to check - in date or No show: 100% of total charge


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Just want to thank Japan Travel Centre for organising our family holiday to Japan. JTC were so helpful in booking our tickets and planning the itinerary, tours and hotels with us. It was made so easy. The holiday lived up to our expectations. The hotels were clean and we had adjoining rooms for our children. The tours to Ghibli museum and Mt. Fuji were easy to get to and enjoyable. Thank you!


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