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Pocket WiFi Router Rental Unlimited Plan

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Ninja Wifi – Wifi router rental in Japan

Customers who purchase via our website will receive a 10% discount. Just 1 NINJA WiFi router enables the simultaneous connection of multiple devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers. This router allows you to establish a connection to the internet without replacing a SIM card or using data roaming. You can enjoy social media such as Facebook and Twitter, use apps like Google Maps, watch YouTube videos, and browse sightseeing spots or gourmet restaurants via the internet.


The WiFi routers are pocket-sized and good for taking on the go, yet it allows a large data volume for daily use, and you can set it up effortlessly. The router provides you with easy-to-use internet access.


Additionally, since all WiFi routers rented out by NINJA WiFi allow for a large amount of data, you can share with a number of people.
You pick up the WiFi router upon your arrival in Japan, and and you return it later at an airport. You can stay connected to the internet during your stay in Japan, just as usual.






What is a WiFi router?

A WiFi router is the most popula r option in Japan for connecting to the internet. That’s because you can easily access the internet whether you’re on the go or at home.
NINJA WiFi is a service for renting a WiFi router during your stay in Japan.


No additional fees for things like data transmission, the initial cost for rental, or using your credit card for payment.

Price Plan


Standard Plan (SoftBank)


Latest model from SoftBank with "Hybrid 4G LTE" technology. Blazing fast.

810yen + tax / day

Broadband Carrier Softbank
Model Pocket WiFi 303ZT
Broadband Standard SoftBank 4G LTE/SoftBank 4G
Data Limit UNLIMITED*1
Transmission Rate*2 Downloading Speed (Max) [SoftBank 4G]
Maximum Downloading Speed at 165 Mbps*3
[SoftBank 4G LTE]*4
Maximum Downloading Speed at 187.5 Mbps*3
Uploading Speed (Max) [SoftBank 4G]
Maximum Uploading Speed at 10 Mbps
[SoftBank 4G LTE]
Maximum Uploading Speed at 37.5 Mbps
  • *Please be aware that exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.


Pick up & Returns

Airport Pick up & Returns

There are many airports where you can pick up and return your WiFi device!

There are Pick-up and Return counters at nine main international airports in Japan.
You may pick up your WiFi router at a counter upon your arrival, and return it when you leave Japan.
*Please choose hotel delivery or another option for pick-up/return if you arrive or leave Japan from a non-major airport.





Pick-up Fee 500 yen + tax

Whether a hotel or office, your home or a friend’s home, your Wifi device will be delivered to your designated location in Japan on your designated date and time.


Return Fee 500 yen + tax

A form for the return of all WiFi equipment by COD (Cash on Delivery) is enclosed in the box. You can return your WiFi device through convenience stores all over Japan or at airport delivery service counters.

Shinjuku counter


No pick up fee

Sign-up Deadline: by 3:00 PM on the day (Japan Time) of your pick-up date
Business Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (weekdays only)
Address: KDX Higashi Shinjuku Building 5F, 2-4-10 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


You may pick up your device(s) at any of our airport counters or the Shinjuku Counter for free, but please note that pick-up or return via delivery service will cost 500 yen (+ sales tax) for pick-up and 500 yen (+ sales tax) for return.


Can I receive the WiFi device the day after I sign up?
Yes, you can, as long as you want to pick up your WiFi device at Narita Airport Terminal 1, Narita Airport Terminal 2, Haneda International Terminal, or Kansai International Terminal 1 Building, and you applied for the rental service by 3:00 PM Japan Time the day before your pick-up date.
Which delivery service company can I use for returning the router?
You may use the Yamato Transport form that is enclosed with the rental kit. You need to complete the airport delivery service form at the Yamato Transport Counter in the airport. You may return the WiFi device at the counter of any delivery service company (such as Sagawa Express or Yu-Pack) that uses a parcel tracking system, or via collection service. ays)
I have a smart phone that works abroad, but can I use it?
Yes, you can use it if your device is capable of connecting to WiFi. If you want to use your device as a telephone, you may use it with a telephone app.
Can I return my WiFi device at an airport different from the one where I picked it up?
That is absolutely no problem. You can also choose pick-up via delivery service but return at an airport counter, and so forth.


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Find you perfect Japan Holidays by calling or send us an online enquiry.
Please call us on: 020 7611 0150 or make an enquiry. We will get back to you soon!

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